Spira Care - Sara Gustafsson

Programs & Seminars

The Vital Woman Online Program

Learn about Nutrition without having to be on a diet, Hormones in an easily understood way, Recharging in more ways than sleep, Movements for relaxation and strength, as well as Pelvic & Core Health. 

Our Online Program guides you in your own time, in your own pace, to your own vitality.

Seminars & Webinars

Sara is available to hold seminars and webinars about all things health. She has shared her wisdom on the subject at Karin Björkegren Jones' Salongen, at Gravidresan's webinar Vänta Barn for pregnant women, as well as many both public and private gatherings around Scandinavia through the years. 

Contact us to schedule a seminar or webinar for your event.